Our Philosophy

We believe in serving top-quality food using only the freshest ingredients, all at an affordable price. At Vance Godbey's, the customer's satisfaction is our top priority. We are upfront with our charges, so there are no surprises. We provide personalized service and try to accommodate your needs. Our reliable reputation assures you that your event will be worry-free. All you have to do is kick back and have fun.


Our History

In 1946, founder Vance Godbey acquired 5 BBQ stands in various locations around Fort Worth. He sold them to his brother and later went on to purchase a ranch house a couple of miles from the Lake Worth Bridge on Jacksboro Highway. The restaurant was “in the middle of nowhere” at the time, and his friends and family questioned his decision. The odds of succeeding were against him.

On Easter 1956, he opened to a huge crowd and underestimating his success, he ran out of food. From that day on, people would drive for miles to eat at the country setting with a scrumptious buffet at an affordable price. As business continued to grow, his fans multiplied and people from all over would come to Vance Godbey's to celebrate special family occasions.

In 1962, a fire destroyed the original building. With determination and a will to recover, he had his employees come to work and start the clean up process. Within 30 days, he had the building completely restored and back in operation. Turning disaster into opportunity, he expanded the building from 5000 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft. In his opinion, the front page publicity about the fire and returning to business within 30 days was the turning point of his success.

In 1963, he added a catering service that began with a humble station wagon and pickup. Today, the business has grown to a fleet of 10 catering trucks serving a 200-mile radius in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

In 1993, he sold the business to his daughter Carol. A firm believer in a strong work ethic, he believed Carol would be more invested to serve her customers if she bought the company herself instead of him handing it down.

Vance Godbey passed away May 28, 2003 and Carol Godbey continues the tradition of first-class customer service and satisfaction guarantee.



Awards and Recognition

  • 1993 Star Telegram Business Man of the Year
  • 1996 Proclamation for Tarrant County Vance Godbey Day
  • Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Kay Granger
  • Community Service Award by Four Degree Knights of Columbus General Worth Assembly
  • 2002 Business Woman of the Year
  • 2008 Runner-Up Business Woman of the Year
  • 2010 James Hodgkins Award Northwest Chamber of Commerce

Giving Back: Community Involvement
Vance Godbey's is committed to serving the community and giving back. We are in a unique position to help in times of crisis and our meals have helped feed those who need it most.

  • Served 350,000 lbs. of BBQ pork to charitable organizations like Presbyterian Night Shelter
  • Provided 33,000 meals in 11 days to the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Ike
  • Raised $46,000 for the Widows of the Fallen Firefighters in 1999
  • Raised $25,000 for the Widows of the NY Fire Dept after 9/11
  • Partnered with Salvation Army to provide and serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless for 10 consecutive years