☐  All Certified Angus Beef / 44 Farms/ Allen Brothers

☐  Grilled 8oz beef tenderloin filet mignons

☐  Grilled 16oz boneless Ribeyes

☐  Grilled 16oz NY Strip

☐  Grilled 26oz Porterhouse

*Includes choice of 2 sides, and choice of salad with proper sauces and accompaniments.  SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO

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☐  Garlic mashed potatoes

☐  Sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans

☐  4 cheese Mac and cheese

☐  "Nawlins style dirty rice"

☐  Authentic Mexican rice

☐  Rice pilaf/ wild rice

☐  Seasonal grilled vegetables

☐  Italian cut green beans

☐  Sautéed kale with applewood smoked bacon


☐  Mixed greens - iceberg, spinach, carrots, red cabbage

☐  Caesar salad - Romaine, Parmesan reggiano, croutons, house made Caesar dressing *white Spanish anchovies available upon request

☐  The Strawberry and goat cheese salad - iceberg, romaine, spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, candied pecans with White Balsamic, warm Apple cider Bacon, or Raspberry vinaigrette

SALAD DRESSING *all made in house

☐  Godbey Ranch

☐  Sriacha-Sambal Buttermilk

☐  Avocado Godbey Ranch "green goddess"

☐  Strawberry/Raspberry vinaigrette

☐  Balsamic/ White Balsamic /Champagne vinaigrette

☐  Warm Bacon-Apple vinaigrette

☐  Maytag Blue Cheese

☐  White Spanish Anchovy-Parmesan reggiano for Caesar dressing